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  • Animal Housing

    Animal Housing

    British built Rabbit hutches,dog kennels and chicken coops are available all year round...

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  • Logs, Kindling & Coal

    Logs, Kindling & Coal

    Seasoned nets of logs,Kindling nets, Hotmax briquettes and smokeless coals including Taybrite, Cosilite and Supaglo are available all year round....

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  • Hay, Straw and Shavings

    Hay, Straw and Shavings

    Large round bales of hay and haylidge are available as are conventional small bales of hay and straw. We also...

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  • Local Free Range Eggs

    Local Free Range Eggs

    Our delicious free range eggs are very tasty and prove popular, they are supplied by a local trusted producer and...

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